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October 2015


Co-Creation Master Class (10-week class)

Begins October 19th, 2015

Join me for this beautiful class that I’m co-facilitating with Liv Lane. It’s going to be amazing!

a 10-week deep-dive into the intentional process we use to attract the perfect clients, contacts, opportunities and income. It’s an awesome extension of the work we’ve done in our Inspiring Messengers classes, but taking those courses is not required to sign up for this offering.

We have built successful businesses as inspiring messengers. And though there are lots of awesome tactics and techniques we both use and now teach, there’s one process that is the absolute key to the health of our work: a manifestation process that works like magic as we collaborate with the universe to bring our visions to life.

We’ve decided to run this unique, interactive course to help you and other kindred spirits manifest pure magic. We envision you being able to marvel in awe at the end of the year as you realize all the goodness you’ve set in motion! Excited to join the magic? Get all the details and sign up here. We start October 19th!

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This 10-Week Course Begins October 19th

Dates for Live Calls: Tuesday 10/20, 11/3, 11/17, 12/1 and 12/15

Time for Live Calls: 8 am PT*

Join us for just $97!